Heavy impact with higher weight

The trend towards heavier airgun pellets continues and NORMA expands its portfolio with two field target/hunting pellets with added weight for higher impact and performance. Both diabolo pellets were engineered to meet the requirements of high powered airguns delivering 40 Joules and more and both are perfect choices both for field target shooting and hunting purposes.

With the aim of meeting all the needs in the world of airgun ammunition, Norma completes its Golden Trophy FT line with an extra heavy hunting pellet. Thanks to its proven domed shape and increased weight, the stopping power and penetration of the pellet reaches a new level. In addition, the pellet has a consistently high precision and can therefore be used for both hunting and field target purposes.

Kulans fördelar

Kulans fördelar

  • Heavy round nose diabolo design
  • Wind stable
  • Group sizes under 2,5cm at 50m
  • Consistent accuracy and low air resistance
  • Suitable for long distances beyond 25 meters
  • Made for super high-powered airguns (>40J)