Norma WHITETAIL 7,65x53 ARG 11,3g

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7,65 x 53 Arg.

This cartridge was designed by Mauser for the 1889 Belgian pattern rifle and adopted as the official military round in Argentina, followed by Bolivia, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru and Turkey. Before WW II as well Remington as Winchester made both rifles and ammunition in this caliber. Today Norma is the sole supplier of components. In Europe the cartridge is designated 7,65x53 Mauser and the actual bullet diameter is .313”. However, bullet diameters of .311 or .312” will normally give satisfactory results.

The 7,65 Argentine is almost identical to the .308 Winchester and covers the same range of game and hunting purposes. Although the original military loading was with a 211 grain bullet most hunters today would prefer the 150 or 180 grain bullets that are made by Norma.

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