NORMA Ballistics™ desktop version

NORMA Ballistics™ effectively visualizes shot trajectories up to 2000m (2200 yards) covering the majority of needs in long range shooting. Given standard shooting parameters such as bullet weight, BC, velocity, shot angle and weather conditions, the program will present a visual graph of the bullet flight path showing drop, velocity and energy along the way. This can be useful when comparing cartridges and loads as well as in the field or on the range when you need to accurately project the path of your bullet. Below you will find a small dictionary covering the different terms used in the calculator.

Common ballistic terms

Wind speed Wind speed affecting the bullet’s flight path
Wind direction The direction of the wind
Altitude Altitude above sea level
Temperature Outside temperature
Pressure Air pressure
Humidity Humidity in the air in percentage
Sight height Height over bore. The measurement between center of the barrel to center of the scope.
Shot angle Angle to target above or below horisontal line of fire if shooting upward or downward.
Zero range The distance from where the bullet path crosses the line of sight.
Max range (table) Set the max range for your trajectory graph
Intervall (table) Set the intervall distances for your trajectory graph
Ballistic coefficient BC basically shows how well your bullet will fly over distance meeting external resistances such as wind and gravity. A high number indicates better flight properties than a lower number.
Drag model G7 drag model if available, otherwise G1 as default
Muzzle velocity The velocity of the bullet when it leaves the barrel
Bullet weight Weight of the bullet