BONDSTRIKE™ is a high speed, flat trajectory projectile, developed with high precision and performance from short to long hunting ranges.

Bondstrike offers superb accuracy over long ranges and is the perfect choice for the hunter who needs a reliable bullet at a wider varity of ranges. This is NORMA’s Formula 1 projectile in deisgn and technology and is used by the true experts who pushes their products to the absolute limits.

It separates itself form the field with extreme accuracy and terminal performance at all distances. BONDSTRIKE’s performance on game is impressive to witness. 

Hunters have used this with great success on everything from running moose in Sweden to baited hogs in Texas. Long range expansion and knockdown power stopped a large moose with a single shot.

Tough construction kept the bullet in tact inside 100 yards on a big old boar. Be sure you try it yourself. Near or far, we know you’ll come to trust BONDSTRIKE.