10 tips for hunters in quarantine

Most of the hunting season is on a break and in addition to that, there are quarantine times. But despite a somewhat downhearted mood at the factory, we have put together a list of things to do for the hunter in quarantine.

1. Gun cleaning

For those of you who are usually sloppy with weapon care, this is a perfect time to give some love to your instruments in the gun cabinet. Remove, clean and lubricate - your guns are well worth it.

2. Improve your cooking skills

Quarantine life is excellent to spend in the kitchen. Hunters do have access to the world's best raw materials, the wild meat. And recipes are easily found both online and in cookbooks, which usually stand and collect dust somewhere. Live out the recipes and dare to put your own style on your game meat!

3. A good time for hand loading

Quarantine times are good times for the handloader. Let Norma's loading manual guide you in your hobby and take the hunt and / or shooter to a new level with your own, hand-loaded ammunition. Some simpler instructions and load data can be found in our manual. If you want to learn more about the technology and equipment itself, there are several books, mostly in English that you can order from booksellers, and occasionally articles are published in various hunting magazines.

4. Take advantage of the hunting days

Although the majority of the hunting season is over, not least hunting with dogs that are the most popular in the Nordic countries, there is still wild hunting. For example, the beaver hunt continues for a while and the wild boar hunt is a standing point in the hunting calendar. So let your next stalk to drag on and make the most of the time in nature.

5. Run a few miles in your hunting boots

Excuses are starting to be hard to find, right? Now is simply a great opportunity to get started with pre-season training for the highlights of the fall, for both you and your four-legged friend.

6. Exercise Shooting

For those of you who have the opportunity to use your local shooting range, the days can, to say the least, be easy to count in quarantine times. Let the practice cartridges thrive - This autumn you can be in the shape of your life!

7. Practice firing techniques

Those who do not have the opportunity to visit the shooting range can still practice handling your weapon, not least your firing technique. Make sure your weapon is not loaded, place the weapon against your shoulder, focus on a point and squeeze the trigger. Your target means should never leave your target when firing. This is something that one should advantageously train to avoid "dipping", blinking the eye or jerky firing. Or why not look and see how long you can focus on one and the same point before the arm gets tired?

NOTE! Even if you are only practicing, you must never charge your weapon with real ammunition indoors or in a non-safe place. Always handle the weapon with the utmost respect and as if it were loaded!

8. Scout for this year's trophies

Jump in camouflage clothes and sneak out in the high seat! Arm yourself with a camera and notebook instead of the gun - sometimes this can be quite rewarding in terms of experience.

9. Give the hunting wardrobe some structure

Does your home look like you have been burgled every time you try to get the hunting equipment in order? The right thing in the right place is perhaps a worn-out sentence, but there is a reason why it lingers from generation to generation.

10. Watch hunting movies

The world wide web offers a huge selection of hunting videos. Both behind paywalls and free streaming services. So, let the usual TV channels rest for a while and instead fill up the inspiration account by watching a pile of hunting movies.

Stay Safe!
// Staffan Johansson #teamnorma