Norma ORYX™

The bullet for a lifetime of hunts

Since the introduction of Oryx in 1996, it has been a pioneer in our range of hunting bullets, and it has been praised for its performance all over the world.

But what makes the Oryx bullet so unique? Well, a combination of rapid expansion for great effect, extremely high residual weight and deep penetration that has great effect even on large game.
ORYX is a so-called bonded bullet, which means that the jacket and the core are fused together. When hitting the target, it expands quickly but the bonding prevents the separation of the jacket and the core, resulting in residual weights of over 90%. This also greatly contributes to the bullet getting its deep and straight penetration, with great mushrooming for which it has also become famous.
The tip of the ORYX has internal cleavage zones and with a special technique the outer part of the tip is left unbonded. It is these details that differentiate ORYX from other bonded bullets and give it a wide range of uses under the most varied hunting conditions.
  • Bonded classic since 1996

  • Up to 99% retained weight

  • The number one bullet for all types of hunting

  • Massive mushrooming

  • Offered in a wide variety of calibers



All-round bullet

For more than 25 years, ORYX has proven to be an exceptionally good all-round bullet. With its controlled expansion and high residual weight, it is suitable for all types of hunting and is available in our widest range of calibers.

Part of the Norma Silencer Series

As the use of silencers increase in popularity, we see more and more short barrels on the market. But what few people know is that a shorter barrel drastically reduces the effect and precision of the ammunition used.
Standard rifle ammunition today is optimized for barrel lengths of 60 cm while many barrels today only measure around 50 cm. This means that the difference in length makes it impossible for the load to fully burn out before the bullet leaves the muzzle, dramatically shortening the life of the silencer and reducing the effect of the ammunition.

Oryx is the first bullet to take place in this new, optimized series of hunting bullets.