Breathing techniques for more accurate shooting

To achieve consistent and accurate shooting, it takes more than just standing and wearing on the shooting range. If you have learned to breathe correctly during the shooting, it can make a big difference – and this time we talk about three basic methods that can help along the way.

Breathing techniques for more accurate shooting

Adults take about 14-16 breaths per minute. During inhalation and exhalation, the chest is in motion, which in the long run can obviously impair the shooting. These breathing techniques make it possible to avoid this particular movement as much as possible. Test yourself to find the one that suits you best.

Inhale and pause

Find a relaxed breathing, take a deep breath. When the lungs are half full, pause and squeeze the trigger. 

Exhale and pause

Take a few deep breaths, let some air out – pull the trigger. 

Full exhalation

Focus on finding a relaxed breathing and a heart rate as low as possible. Exhale slowly and pull the trigger. Regardless of which method you prefer, a good ground rule is to never end up in shortness of breath, something that makes it easy to force. Instead, take the gun down, breathe, and start over. Good luck!


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