Norma TIPSTRIKE™ Varmint

Instant Stop - Adapted For Varmint

TIPSTRIKE™ Varmint is our adapted version of the TIPSTRIKE™ bullet which is quickly becoming a household name for driven hunting. It features the same premium quality and advanced construction from TIPSTRIKE™, but has been adapted for use in the traditional varmint calibers.

Norma TIPSTRIKE™ Varmint is a flat-base tipped projectile great for varmint. The excellent penetration achieved by TIPSTRIKE™ is supplemented by slightly adjusting the bullet core construction and removing the lead-lock which helps to take down varmint instanly and ethically, without fragmenting bullets.


  • Polymer tip for improved ballistics.
  • The insertion of the tip gives a slight delay of the expansion to enhance penetration.
  • Devastating shock effect through a tapered and quick opened front part of the jacket.
  • Penetration secured through a strong and straight rear part of the jacket.
  • No internal lead-lock mechanism to ensure maximum effect on smaller calibers

tipstrike varmint premium box