Ibex Hunting in Kazakhstan - The Epic Hunt

Season 2

Welcome to NORMA's "The Epic Hunt" series, where we dive into the heart of hunting traditions, gear, and the pursuit of game across the globe. In our epic hunts, you get to follow various hunters as they embark on their dream hunts.

In this second season, we follow NORMA ambassador Steffen Foullon as he embarks on the challenge of hunting the Mid-Asian Ibex in the wild Alatau mountains of Kazakhstan. This episode delves deep into the essence of extreme mountain hunting. With the Mid-Asian Ibex as his target, Steffen relies on the precision and dependability of the NORMA Bondstrike. This long-range bullet is tailored for hunters who demand excellence, delivering exceptional performance and reliability at both long distances and close ranges, due to its advanced bonding technology.

Accompany Steffen as he traverses the rugged terrain, where each decision matters. The hunt blends skill, patience, and reverence for the natural world, revealing the hunter's profound connection to the environment and the game. The NORMA Bondstrike plays a pivotal role, showcasing its effectiveness in the most demanding conditions.

"The Epic Hunt: Conquering the Alatau" isn't solely about the hunt; it's about the wilderness experience, the meticulous preparation, and the admiration for wildlife. Whether you're a seasoned hunter or new to the sport, this film offers something for everyone. Gain insights into extreme mountain hunting, the essential gear, and the adventurous spirit it embodies.