About Norma

Norma has a rich history. Learn more about the company and its brand heritage, the different production departments and Norma’s philosophy.

Whether you hunt around the world or around the bend, Norma has an offering made for you. Our lineup is not just made based on our capabilities—it’s dedicated to your needs. We’ve been crafting ammunition for more than 115 years. More than a century of talking to hunters, learning from hunters and being hunters ourselves means Norma ammunition will deliver. This company started out of a need to feed families and ensure survival—and we haven’t forgotten about our origins.


We are Norma, and to us the pursuit of perfection is an everyday commitment. An eternal strive for a better, more precise, and more reliable shot, no matter if it’s about hunting, competition, or training.
In the small Swedish village of Åmotfors, in a northern forest region called Värmland, we’ve been developing and manufacturing absolutely top-notch ammunition for over 110 years. We continuously work to improve our products. At our ballistics department alone, 200,000 shots are fired every year, all in order to further improve quality and stay ahead of the game. Our gunsmith manufactures more than 200 rifle barrels a year in our workshop, for extensive testing of our ammunition. It’s a never-ending endeavor for perfection, barrel by barrel and bullet by bullet.
Our promise to you rests on all of this. Every time you squeeze the trigger, you should feel confident the product always delivers. Your skills and high demands are what triggers us to keep pursuing perfection.