Five things to keep in mind before the buck premiere

Alot of preparations is often required before a hunt can start, and the buck hunting is no different! What equipment is needed? How do I call on the buck? How do I blend in? All of these questions are anwered below where we have listed five important things to think about before the buck premiere.

Call the buck

Calling roe deer can be very effective, especially if the rut is still active. There are many theories about what works best, some think you should start cautiously and take breaks, while members of Normas Pro Team report that it is intense lure sounds, of varied volume, mixed with anxiety sound is often a winning concept.

preparations before buck hunting

Hand binoculars are the buck hunter's best friend

A deer camouflages itself very well. Explore the terrain through binoculars, even up close. Sometimes the eye misses what the binoculars see.

optics for buck hunting

Use a shooting stick

A good rifle support is literally the mainstay of a safe and good shot. It also relieves the weight of the weapon and makes it easier if you are to call on your stand, or want to use the binos.

shooting stick for hunting

Avoid silhouette and blend into nature

Breaking the contours is important, especially when calling roebucks, because they can get very close. Even if using camouflage is good, it is still more important to never stand in silhouette against, for example, sky or light background.

Shared happiness is double happiness

Bring a friend, wife or child on your hunt. Even if they do not hunt themselves, it creates an understanding of the hunt, and in addition, the roe buck hunting is usually a very quiet and pleasant form of hunting to begin with.

Text: Staffan Johansson #teamnorma