To become a huntress - post 3

What tests do you need to do to get an approved Hunting license? And a short presentation of the books in the Jägarskolan book package

Blogpost 3: What tests do you need to do to get an approved Hunting license? And a short presentation of the books in the Jägarskolan book package

Today I have found out a little more details about what you actually need to pass to get a Hunting license. Actually I read about it in the big Jägarskolan book and I got a little more curious about it so I had to contact Patric and ask for more details. The Hunting degree consists of a theoretical basic test (the one I am currently studying for), a practical test for shotguns where you shoot on both clay pigeons and running ground targets, a basic rifle shooting test where you shoot precision on targets and a special test for class 1 rifles where you shoot on both stationary and moving moose figures. When you do the practical weapon test, not only is the shooting ability tested, you are also getting tested in safe weapon handling and distance assessment. All these practical tests is also things that I need to practice before I do them. I will practice on these tests together with my Team at Norma and  I will practice them during the days when I am going to meet Patric in Varpsund. It sounds very fun!

Picture 1. Me practicing on shooting clay pigeons. Picture 2: The target in the class 1 rifle test.

I also would like to go through and explain the different books that I use to study for the theory test. The package I bought contains three books and I think that they have given me a lot of good information and I would not have been able to study for the test without them. So I would highly recommend to buy these books:

Jägarskolan – Everything you need to take a hunting license
This is the thick book I’ve been talking about. It has 527 lovely pages and contains so much interesting reading. In this books there are chapters about becoming a hunter, hunting ethics, ecology and game management, species knowledge, weapons and shooting, the hunting dog, hunting forms, protective hunting, how you handle the game after the shot, etc. I think this book is easy to read and interesting, of course there are lot of pages in it but it’s written in a way that makes you want to read more. In the following study guidebook that also is included in the package you can read about what is important to know in every chapter. So if you feel like the book is heavy and there is a lot to read you can focus on the things that is mentioned in this book. I myself have chosen to read the whole book because I think the book is interesting and fun to read.

The law book
This book deals with, just as the name says, laws. It goes through all parts of the hunting act and the weapon act. Although laws can sometimes be a bit mossy written, I think that this book still talks about the laws in such a way that you easily understand. Of course there are rehearsal questions for this book in the study guidebook too.

The study guidebook
This is a book that I have used a lot. When I have been done reading a chapter in the other books I have used this book to test my knowledge afterwards. Sometimes I have to go back and read about things again that I have not been able to answer. I have done the tests for each chapter, and then I have done them again, and again until I have felt that I know the answers on every question. At the end of the book, there is also questions with four possible answers (but only one that is the right one) that I have been testing myself on, almost like the real theory test. Some of the questions in this book is also possible to discuss with others, I have discussed them with Patric and other colleagues. I thought that it was good to have someone to discuss these questions with, I can highly recommend to do that if you are going to read the theory by yourself.

Here is a link to where to find the books. Now I have to read a little bit more, take care!

/Sofia, Team Norma

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