How To Hunt Roe Deer: Five Expert Tips

Get ready for a new roe deer season, and take part of five expert tips on how to hunt roe deer, provided by NORMA Ambassador Martin Brozek. 

The Art of Roe Deer Hunting: Five Expert Tips

As the mist rolls over the pastures in the early morning, the nature’s scenery is interrupted by the distant roe deer silhouette. A view that thrills the heart of every dedicated hunter. Roe deer hunting can be a challenging feat; one that requires patience, strategy, and an understanding of the roe deer's habits. To improve your success rate, I've prepared five expert tips for your next roe deer hunting adventure.

  1. Timing is Everything

The time you choose to hunt significantly impacts your success. While the roe deer is most active during twilight hours, they won't magically disappear during the day. Consider making your move during less busy hours even during daytime. Roe deer need to feed every 2 hours. They also usually go to the open land to dry themselves after a rain fall. However, prepare for an intense day of a stealth walking. Hunting during “business hours“ gives you a unique advantage as it contradicts traditional hunting wisdom and may catch the roe deer off guard.

  1. The Art of Stealth

A successful hunter understands the importance of using their surroundings to cover. Disguise your silhouette against the backdrop of the wilderness to remain unnoticed. Walking behind trees, bushes, or rises in the terrain can hide your presence from wary deer. The idea is to blend into the landscape, making you less noticeable to the keen-eyed animals. If you get noticed, stay frozen. Roe deer have a bad sight and if you „play a tree“, they will be cautious but not flee instantly.

  1. Loyal Even in Rain

Despite the unpredictable elements, roe deer are loyal to their stand – their chosen territory – and will likely return there, rain or sunshine. Make use of such consistency to your advantage. During a downpour, your movement and noise are masked, allowing you to approach within a few meters of the roe deer without alerting them to your presence. Learn the roe deer’s habits, their frequented feeding grounds, and adjust your strategy accordingly.

  1. The Power of the Wind

A roe deer’s sense of smell is their greatest defence, considerably stronger than their eyesight. Always check the direction of the wind before proceeding. An easy way to do this is by using an indicator like powder or a bubble blower. If you find yourself downwind of the roe deer, it will likely detect your scent and flee. Always aim to approach from upwind to minimize the risk of being detected.

  1. Utilize Your Vehicle

Many wild animals, including roe deer, do not react negatively to a moving car. Use this to your advantage. Don’t be afraid to drive around the hunting area, surveying for the best wind direction and location. A slow, quiet drive can serve as a scouting mission, offering valuable insight without alerting the roe deer to your true intentions.

To be a proficient roe deer hunter, it's crucial to understand the animal's behaviour, respect its natural habitat, and refine your hunting techniques. These five tips are not exhaustive; there is always room to learn, adapt, and improve. Every hunting excursion is a chance to develop your skills and forge a deeper connection with the great outdoors.

Happy hunting!

Martin Brožek

NORMA Ambassador Czech Republic