Rethinking Impact – Lead-free

ECOSTRIKE™ brings the latest in lead-free bullet technology. Our nickel-coated copper bullet delivers deep penetration, almost 100% weight retention and astonishing accuracy even at longer distances.

ECOSTRIKE™ is the lead-free choice for hunting medium and large game due to its excellent ability to expand at both low and high velocities. With ECOSTRIKE™ you cover all needs for a wide variety of hunts making it the perfect lead-free allround bullet.


  • Designed to exceed the unique and effective features of our most popular lead bullet ORYX
  • High BC bullet and loaded for maximum speed delivers high energy upon impact
  • Available in a wide variety of calibres

Bullet features 


In the videos below you can see the expansion of ECOSTRIKE 308 win 10,7g/165gr shot from different distances in gelantine blocks. The ECOSTRIKE quickly releases its energy and gives good penetration in the game. It has a very high weight retention.

Video 1 - ECOSTRIKE 308 Win 10,7g/165gr at 25 m

Video 2 - ECOSTRIKE 308 Win 10,7g/165gr at 100 m

Video 3 - ECOSTRIKE 308 Win 10,7g/165gr at 150 m


Ecostrike is also available as a component for reloading: 

Learn more about our ECOSTRIKE bullet here