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On this page, you'll find news about new products and various hunting series covering everything from epic journeys to cooking and game handling.

Being an ethical hunter is of great importance. This involves recovering wounded game. In this series, Team Norma member Steffen Foullon guides you through several shot analyses, and shows what to look for at the point of strike. A shot analysis will help you determine the next steps to take in order to recover the wounded game. Shot Analysis with Steffen Foullon is a unique and educative series, focusing on ethical hunting.

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Lead-free has never before been a hotter topic in the hunting industry. In this documentary series, we get to follow Mette Karin Petersen, a passionate hunter from Denmark in her search for knowledge about lead-free ammunition. Everything from how a lead-free bullet is made to how it affects the way we hunt. Dedicated Lead Free is an informative film series focusing on knowledge, hunting, not the least wild game cooking. Get inspired and don't forget to subscribe to NORMA's YouTube channel!

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The hunting experience is about so much more than just the hunt itself. When the excitement and pulse from the hunt has begun to worn off you have a rich resource in the meat to take care of. Game meat is climate-smart, free of antibiotics and other foreign additives and the animals are born free and has been living wild in nature for their whole life. And surely it is a special feeling when the meat you eat and serve to your guests is something that you have carried home all by yourself, from field to plate.

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The breathtaking mountainous areas in Norway is home of the wild reindeer. In this hunting series you get to tag along with Swedish hunters Staffan Johansson and Stefan Vänersand when they prepare for their epic hunting adventure – and finally face the mythical animal.

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