Spring season for roebuck hunting – A good time to be selective

The spring season for roe bucks is approaching. In Sweden, hunting is limited, but is allowed in Västernorrland, Gävleborg, Uppsala County and Västmanland and Västerbotten from 1 May, while Denmark has a hunting season starting in mid-May, and more countries in Europe allow buck hunting from early summer.

During the spring hunt, horn-bearing roebucks can be shot, and many hunters appreciate the hunting form and its framing with polyphonic birdsong in the clearing of greenery. It's a great time to be out and you get a nature experience beyond the ordinary, and it's the nice form of hunting to invite a prospective or new hunters to participate.

Freedom with responsibility

Hunting roe deer in the spring gives the hunter the opportunity to do good for better game management. During this period, before the rut, you should save the mature roe deer with the best traits, while you can instead choose to shoot a roe deer with the weaker traits.

Criticism is sometimes directed at the early hunting season for roe deer, as what people mean is that the deer population is declining too much. But as we all know, it is not the hunting season that governs a population of game, but common sense. The hunters should of course not shoot more bucks than the area can handle, it is important to adapt the hunting tent to the existing game population. Because it actually does not matter to the deer population if the roebuck is shot in the spring or fall, the hunting seasons are based on biological facts, not human opinions.

A common question that comes up before buck hunting during the spring season is; is it possible to call the roe bucks, like during the rut?
The buck will not come running like it does during the rut, but you should definitely try calling, mainly with contact sounds. But distress calls can often also be effective, during all year round, not least if you have a buck nearby that holds its territory.

Choice of bullet

For hunting roedeer, we recommend a hunting bullet that gives its greatest effect not too deep into the animal, given the deer's small size. In this segment you will find the new lead-free EVOSTRIKE, but also lead-core ammunition such as TIPSTRIKE, BONDSTRIKE, Vulkan and Softpoint. For those of you who hunt with Oryx or ECOSTRIKE, this is also a safe and good alternative, but keep in mind that it gives its maximum energy delivery deeper than previously mentioned, and may not give the same knock-down effect.


Happy hunting!

Article by: Staffan Johansson #teamnorma