Hunting season 2021

Let us be a part of your hunting season

We at NORMA want to be a part of your hunting year. Not only with ammunition but also with inspiration and knowledge that you can benefit from as a hunter. At NORMA Academy, we gather all the knowledge we have gained together with reliable and knowledgeable people in our Team Norma. Articles, movies, recipes and other inspiration are updated regularly.

Ahead of the 2021 hunting season, we in our Team Norma have developed more inspiration for you. Together with our team we have been on three different trips. One trip is about an epic hunting experience where we get to follow Staffan and Stefan who leaves for a reindeer hunt beyond the ordinary. On the second trip, we get to follow Sofia and her path to graduating as a hunter and becoming a huntress. And the third trip is about food and what to do with the meat once the hunt is over, in this chapter we will share lots of recipes and food inspiration. We hope that we get to be a part of your hunt and that you find something to be inspired by. 

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From field to plate

The hunting experience is about so much more than just the hunt itself When the excitement and pulse from the hunt has begun to worn off you have a rich resource in the meat to take care of. Game meat is climate-smart, free of antibiotics and other foreign additives and the animals are born free and has been living wild in nature for their whole life. And surely it is a special feeling when the meat you eat and serve to your guests is something that you have carried home all by yourself, from field to plate.

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The epic hunt: Norwegian wild reindeer

The breathtaking mountainous areas in Norway is home of the wild reindeer. In this hunting series you get to tag along with Swedish hunters Staffan Johansson and Stefan Vänersand when they prepare for their epic hunting adventure – and finally face the mythical animal...

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To become a huntress

To become a huntress

To become part of the Swedish hunting community, you need to have an approved hunting license. In Sweden there are many different ways to take a hunting license but a common denominator in every course is that you will learn more about hunting and the swedish nature. In our team, Sofia, our marketing coordinator, has been thinking about becoming a huntress for a while. What she realized when she started looking for information was that it was difficult to get a overall impression of how what a hunting license really requires. What things are included? What do you need to do before? After? And what is really required when you take the examns and tests that will give you your license?