Norma HEXAGON High Performance Competition Ammo

Norma’s new HEXAGON ™ is a match grade line of handgun ammunition designed to optimize accuracy out of a handgun. Featuring a unique, HEXAGON ™ bullet design and an aerodynamic shape with six stabilizing grooves, HEXAGON ™ delivers maximum accuracy and performance. It’s also loaded with high performance powders for consistent velocity with every round.

  • Match load, accuracy is 1 inch @ 25 yards
  • Unique bullet with six stabilizing grooves and aerodynamic shape for improved accuracy
  • Built with high performance powders for consistent velocity
  • Optimal performance out of handgun for competition and target use

Norma HEXAGON ™ is a hollow-point cartridge that is designed for maximum accuracy rather than deformation and expansion. It also features the SINTOX ™ primer which is completely free of toxins and is NATO-approved. By moving the projectile's centre of gravity further to the rear and implementing the 6 groves that stabilize it in the air, HEXAGON ™ delivers unparalleled precision.

Norma Hexagon Internal Construction