Norma ECO Power-22

Lead-Free Rimfire cartridge with frangible construction for hunting

Our second piece of lead-free news is the ECO Power-22, with its astonishing penetration – twice as much as the lead options out there. The bullet is a frangible product with high impact energy and thus ideally suited to hunts where power is all- important. This product is also 100% lead-free. 

  • Copper-plated zinc partially fragmenting hunting bullet 
  • 100% lead free: lead-free primer and lead-free bullet 
  • Outstanding effect thanks to up to 58% higher velocity than standard 
  • Fragmenting hollow-point bullet for maximum shocking power 
  • Suitable for rifles 
  • Caliber: .22 long rifle
  • Zinc bullet, 1.6 g, V0 520 m/sec (barrel length: 65 cm)