Air Rifle

Premium airgun pellets from Norma

Welcome to the new world of NORMA! Extending the dedication and highest quality to new product categories, we could not forget about airgun pellets. NORMA has expanded its product range with a brand new airgun pellets line – 4 different pellets in cal. 4.5 mm and 5.5 mm to fulfil all of your needs!

At NORMA we are continuously searching the way to provide the proper ammunition to hunters and sport shooters alike. As the market is changing, it is very important for us to evolve and be flexible without losing our heritage. In our search of the cutting-edge technologies and products for every category, we have developed different pellets with outstanding results in each field. Our new pellets fulfil all needs. With our own manufacturing process we control every step in the production line in order to warranty that every batch accomplish our standards.

The main features at a glance:

• High quality pellets for competition, hunting, field target, training and plinking

• Developed for different power platforms, from 7.5 joules to high powered airguns

• Astonishing precision at distances up to 50 m (tests developed with Golden Trophy FT heavy)