Introduction to NLR22 - long-range shooting with .22 LR

Friendship, competing or just enjoying shooting from a new perspective? If that sounds interesting, then the sport NRL22 may be something for you. In this article, we will help you take the first step!

Introduction to NLR22 - long-range shooting with .22 LR

Regardless of which category you belong to, the American sport NRL22 has something to offer. Long-range shooting with .22LR is a form of shooting that is growing so fast, probably because the availability of 300-yards ranges is very good and because it is a great form of training for the traditional, centerfire long range shooting. In addition, it is very economical to shoot!

Available to everyone

NRL22 is a division of The National Rifle League which is a non-profit organization in USA, dedicated to the growth and training of long-range precision shooting. If you are completely new to sports of shooting, NRL22 is great one to start with. The goal of the sport is to make long-range shooting accessible to everyone. Shooting at extreme distances is not available to many, but here the participants can face the same challenges of calculating ballistic curve and wind drift, as already 100 yards equals long-range shooting when we talk about caliber .22.

The "Backyard Plinking" enthusiasts, who are more than happy to train at home in the garden, already have the necessary equipment - and the avid will quickly find alternatives to imitate their large-caliber rifle. While NRL22 allows air rifles, this article will focus on 22 LR. Here is a quick summary of a typical shooter's equipment:


A magazine-fed repeater rifle is difficult to beat when it comes to balance between speed and precision. Such rifles are available in all price ranges, and when your interest, knowledge and skills develop, most standard rifle systems can also be adapted where you can, for example, adjust the trigger weight, change stocks and so on.


When deciding which ammunition to bring to a competition, there are a few things to keep in mind. How consistent is the performance? Does it change depending on the distance? And what thrives in your rifle? The price of 22 ammunition can vary considerably. Normally, ammunition with a higher price tag has stricter quality control and more consistent performance, shot after shot. Cheap ammunition can shoot well at 50 meters, but the variations in speed can give you awful groupings on 100 meters and longer.

NORMA recently launched a premium product with this sport in mind, the NORMA Xtreme 22-LR. It is a bullet of the highest precision at long distances and has great groupings on what can be considered as extreme distances with this caliber.

Check the ballistics

As with traditional long-range shooting, you need to keep track of the ballistics. A ballistics card (a so-called dope card), or a well-adjusted ballistics tower, is invaluable.

Shooting from different types of barricades can be a fun challenge - and it is much easier with the support of a good shooting bag. There are shooting bags that are specially adapted for this type of shooting and that give you a great advantage at fast shots on barricades. You can also find a great advantage in having a weapon strap adapted for this type of sport shooting, which you can in some cases benefit from, but let the interest grow - and the equipment as well.


There are a plethora of options suitable for NRL22. The most important features you should focus on are close to parallax focus of 25 yards or less, available height adjustment of 60 MOA or more and a zero stop.

Although in this article we describe how to get started, and encourage you to let the interest and the ideal equipment for you grow, it is good to have an adjustable parallax that can focus on both near and far. 25 meters or less is ideal for shots at close range.

Depending on how far you plan to shoot, choose a sight with at least 60 MOA / 18 mils height adjustment with options that have up to 110 MOA or 32 mils height adjustment. Just like a centerfire rifle, a rimfire rifle can use an angled 20-30 MOA to achieve the desired available height adjustment for longer distances. If in a competition situation you steer up for longer distances, it is good to have a sight with a zero stop so that you quickly, without having to look, return to your zero point.