To become a huntress - post 2

The day when the books arrived

Blogpost 2: The day when the books arrived

The books that were included in the package I ordered

Today I received my books for the upcoming theory study. As I wrote in previous posts, I ordered the course literature that you can find on the Swedish Hunters’ Association’s website.

It was a large and heavy package I picked up at the post office today. The box itself contained a thick, very large book and two smaller books. I have taken my time to look through the books and the big book seems to include everything you may need, including thorough information that you may need when you are a hunter, species knowledge and information about various forms of hunting. The two smaller books are a law book and a book with rehearsal questions. I think it was great that you got a whole book with rehearsal questions for each chapter, as there was a lot of text to read. I have also talked to Patric, we have gone through the material together and he has given me even more rehearsal questions. Now it will be an intense period with a lot to read and a lot of self-tests.

The books are helpful for what will come on the theory test, as you have to do to get a hunters license. The theory test will be done on an app from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency that is called Jägarexamen. In this test, you have to answer 70 questions with different possible answers. To pass the test, you must have at least 85% correct answers; this means that you need to have 60 correct answers. You have one hour to answer the test. I have heard from several people that this is a difficult test and that the possible answers can feel quite the same, so I will have to spend a lot of time with the theory in the future weeks. I am thankful that I have Patric who can help me with the studies, and that I can contact him if I need help with anything. It will probably go well in the end, even if it feels a bit overwhelming right now.

/Sofia, Team Norma

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