To become a huntress - post 1

Thoughts about taking a hunting license

Blog post 1: Thoughts about taking a hunting license

Have you also considered taking a hunting license? Then maybe you just like me have realized that it is a jungle with information about how to proceed. I hope during this trip that I can be helpful for you that have the same thoughts as I had at the beginning of this year. That I can inspire to take a course and do all the tests as I did, because it is both educational and fun.

Pictures from my course where we are getting through the theory before the theory test.

Ever since I started working at NORMA I've been thinking about taking a hunting license. At the beginning I thought that it was easy, that it was just to sign up for the course, be there and thats it. But when I started to search for information I realised that it wasn't that easy. You had to choose what kind of course you would like to take, there are several alternatives, for example there are intensive courses but also longer courses with teacher-led meetings. Since I started my education during the Corona pandemic I decided to choose a course that was led by Patric Dalfjärd who runs Jaktskolan, he offers customized courses. Together we made a plan on how to pass my hunting license, we had meetings over Teams where we talked and wenth through the training material thoroughly. In our meetings I also got a lot of information about what was expected of me and he gave me rehersal questions. Then a long time of studies, studies and then again studies started for me. I ordered the course literature that can be found on the Swedish Jägareförbundets webpage. It is a rich and incredibly good material to have when you are studying. I will talk more about the literature and the theory studies in a post later.

Picture 1: Me and Patric, Picture 2: Me practicing for the shooting tests in a shooting cinema

To get well prepared for both theory tests and shooting tests I also practiced secure weapon handling and shooting together with my NORMA team before it was time to go to Patric and do all the tests. So, after some months with online contact it was finally time to meet Patric in real life. We hade planned for some days with even more shooting practice, repetition of the theory that we had gone through on Teams and then finally to do the theory test and the three practical subtests (practical test for shotgun, rifle shooting and special test for class 1 rifles). These days were so incredibly fun but also very tough as you also are a bit nervous about the tests. One thing that I really want to communicate for you that are thinking about the hunting exam is that it is really important to study and practice before the tests. Because of Corona we had to make it work through Teams and I had to practice the shooting on my own. And I am sure when I say that if I hadn't done that I wouldn't have passed the tests. 

During this trip I will guide you through the different steps, my thoughts, things that is good to know as a new hunter and hopefully clarify how a hunting license in Sweden works. Hope you want to follow me on this journey!

/Sofia, Team Norma

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