NORMA Ambassador Portrait – meet hunter and journalist Martin Brozek

Martin's passion for shooting and hunting has been a driving force in his life for the past decade. In 2018 he began sharing his knowledge and experience with others through his writing, covering topics such as ethical hunting practices, the latest shooting technologies, and guides to help fellow enthusiasts with their passion.

NORMA Ambassador Portrait – meet hunter and journalist Martin Brozek

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

From childhood, I have been captivated by shooting and dedicated countless hours to practicing with my air-rifle. Although this hobby took the backseat for a while, it eventually made a triumphant return and became a significant part of my life. A decade ago, I obtained my shooting license and have since engaged in various activities, including defense and sports shooting with both pistol as well as AR15, gunsmith classes, shooting competitions, and first aid courses. As my family grew, and I was short on a spare time, I embraced the family tradition of hunting and later embarked on a career as a journalist to share my knowledge and experience with others. Over the past three years, I have authored over 70 articles on ethical hunting, shooting, and related topics. I am from Czech Republic and live there currently. 

When did you first hear about NORMA?

When I began my hunting journey, NORMA ammunition was already highly regarded, with my mentors primarily using Vulkan and Oryx bullets. As a journalist, I chose to utilize NORMA ammunition to avoid any experimentation on live animals. Despite having access to various hunting equipment, such as night vision and scopes, NORMA has consistently proven to be a reliable foundation, instilling in me the confidence of achieving ethical and humane hunting practises.

Where does your interest in hunting come from?

I feel incredibly fortunate to have inherited my passion for hunting from my grandfather, who instilled in me a deep reverence for nature and the important role we play in protecting it. As I have continued on my hunting journey, my perspective has shifted to understand that hunting is just one aspect of my larger responsibility as a caretaker of the land.

I firmly believe that pulling the trigger is just one small part of our responsibility as hunters. It is crucial that we approach the hunt with the utmost respect and consideration for the animals we pursue. Every decision we make in the field must be made with care, using the right tools and techniques to ensure that the shot is both responsible and humane. By doing so, we can honor the traditions as well as preserve the natural world for future generations.

What is your favorite caliber?

I have come to appreciate the importance of selecting the right caliber for the task at hand. For hunting, the 308 Winchester stands out as the most versatile cartridge in my arsenal. With a superb balance of power and recoil, coupled with a myriad of options to choose from when it comes to bullet selection, this cartridge is a go-to choice for many hunters including myself.

When it comes to sports and practice shooting, there is simply no match for the 22 LR. It is a true queen among all cartridges, boasting unparalleled versatility, precision, and affordability. As a dear friend once quipped, "Shoot 10,000 rounds of 22 LR, and you'll know how to shoot." I couldn't agree more with this statement - the 22 LR is an invaluable tool for improving one's shooting skills and achieving mastery in the art of marksmanship.

What is your favorite NORMA product and why?

My preferred ammunition is the NORMA Bondstrike. This remarkable bullet features a high ballistic coefficient (BC), enabling exceptional accuracy and performance at long distances. Moreover, the Bondstrike excels in close-range hunting, as it delivers excellent mushrooming combined with effective energy transfer and deep penetration. The combination of its long-range capabilities and reliable performance up close makes the NORMA Bondstrike an ideal choice allowing me to pursue game with confidence and precision.

Tell us about your greatest hunting memory?

I've come to realize that it's not just the game I hunt that makes the experience memorable, but rather the people I share it with. I can't recall a particular game I've hunted, but there are several occasions that stand out in my mind. For me, it's the friendships forged during these hunting trips that make them truly special.

One instance that I'll always remember was when I broke both of my hands, and my sister was worried that I'd miss out on the roe deer season. Despite my injuries, she drove me to the country club, found a great spot for me to hunt, carried all the stuff for me, and even helped me with field dressing and other tasks after the hunt. It was a testament to our bond and a reminder that hunting isn't just about the game, but also about the people who make the experience special.

What is your dream hunt?

As someone who enjoys trying new things, I'm always on the lookout for exciting hunting opportunities. While I don't have a specific dream hunt in mind, I'm open to any chance to experience something new and challenging.

Although I have some species that are particularly appealing to me, such as the majestic oryx on the African savannah, chamois in the Alps, or muntjac in the UK, I'm equally interested in exploring other locations and game that I haven't encountered before. I'm excited about the diversity of experiences that hunting offers, and I'm always eager to push myself to try something new.

What is your favorite cut of meat from any animal and why is it your favorite?

I truly appreciate the versatility of game meat. Every part of the animal can be utilized in one way or another. The high-quality cuts make for excellent grilling and sharing with friends, while the lesser-known parts can be baked or ground into savory burgers. I also relish the opportunity to make a delicious game broth from the bones, leaving no part of the animal to waste. For me, there's nothing quite like the satisfaction of utilizing the entirety of the game I hunt.

How do you promote ethical hunting practices in the Czech Republic?

I am dedicated to sharing my knowledge with the public through various means. One approach is by visiting kindergartens, where I educate young children about the importance of a healthy ecosystem, conservation, and responsible wildlife stewardship. I also conduct lectures at Czech agriculture universities, engaging with students to raise awareness about new hunting methods that prioritize ethical considerations. Additionally, I participate in live sessions at Czech hunting expos, where I interact with fellow hunting enthusiasts and the general public to discuss and promote ethical hunting practices. Through these avenues, my aim is to inspire others to adopt sustainable and humane hunting methods and foster a culture of responsible hunting.

What are your goals?

Moving forward, my goals revolve around continuous improvements in various aspects of hunting and firearm expertise. Foremost, I am committed to enhancing my shooting skills through regular training and competitions, focused on precision and hunting rifle shooting. I believe that honing my marksmanship abilities is crucial to ensure ethical and humane hunting practices. Additionally, I am dedicated to constantly expand my knowledge in ballistics, gunsmithing, optics, and electronics, as understanding these intricacies plays a crucial role in maximizing the effectiveness and safety of my hunting endeavors. Lastly, I am passionate about promoting ethical hunting and conservation to the public through various channels, such as writing, speaking engagements, and social media, to create awareness and support a culture of responsible hunting practices that prioritize wildlife conservation and welfare.