The Epic Hunt: Norwegian Wild Reindeer - Part Two

The journey for an epic hunting adventure has begun – Norma team member Staffan Johansson will soon head north to hunt for the magnificent Norwegian Wild Reindeer. There are numerous preparations to be made before they take on this challenging task, and not least, the choice of ammunition. 

Staffan traveled to the Norma Factory, located in beautiful countryside of Åmotfors in the county of Värmland. There he met Anton Brask, Product Manager at Norma, who told Staffan more about BONDSTRIKE. 

– Long range hunting has grown in popularity at the same rate as all other equipment, and employing the development of weapons systems and optics, has made it possible to take safe shots at longer distances than ever before.  

Anton says that although hunting at extreme distances is rather unusual, there are more and more people who have found the charm of hunting at longer distances more attractive than the traditional methods. But many hunters tend to forget that standard ammunition is not adapted for that kind of hunting. 

–  Many bullets lose their peak of performance when they have passed a distance of one hundred meters. Also, the ballistic properties are not adapted for precision and reliability over long distances, Brask says. 

Challenging task 

Hunting for wild reindeer in the Norwegian mountains is a challenging task. It is a demanding environment that requires physique, preparation, and knowledge in order to succeed. The rifle has been zeroed, and the bags are packed. Staffan and Stefan are ready to head north for their next adventure. 

Stream the first and second episode of The Epic Hunt: Norwegian Wild Reindeer for free, here at or our YouTube channel. And stay tuned for the third episode of the Epic Hunt.  

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