Norma - Always the Best Choice to Master Your Next Challenge.

Welcome to the new world of Norma! We bring you a world of continuous renewal, dedication, passion and excitement!

Norma news in a nutshell:In 2019, we take one more leap by increasing our innovation rate significantly and offering you a tremendous bullet for extreme long range hunting - BONDSTRIKE. Into it we have loaded 117 years of bullet and ammunition development competence. Enjoy!

We now extend Norma dedication and highest quality to new product categories and purposes; accordingly our brand promise will cover the return of the state of the art Norma pistol and revolver ammunition.

To underline our high ambitions and excel our customers‘ expectations, we did not have any other choice but to (r)evolutionize the look & feel of our Norma brand as well.

Here’s what you can rely on – today and in the future:
We at Norma relentlessly dedicate our full passion to meet the spoken and unspoken needs of ambitious hunters and shooters worldwide. We are continuously committed to setting new benchmarks aiming at fulfilling our customers‘ exciting dreams and helping you accomplish your constantly changing missions most successfully. We go the extra mile with and for you. Every day – since 1902.

Here at Norma, we are passionate hunters, shooters and reloaders, with numerous Olympic, World, and European championship medals proving that we know what we speak about. We understand how it feels like when your heart is pounding, the palm of your hand is getting sweaty, the target is in scope and you pull the trigger. We also understand the thorough and obsessive preparations required to hit the target predictably every time, make the perfect shot and beat records over and over again. This is why you can rely on our empathy, expertise and, hence, extraordinarily high quality. Always.

Precision, quality and reliability are the key words we at Norma repeat as a mantra. Continuously, every day. Starting out in a small town in Sweden 117 years ago, Norma is now enjoying the trust of the hunting and shooting community across the globe. Our every action is aimed towards making sure this trust is reinforced when you use one of our products. Every time.

Our deliverable to the worldwide hunting and shooting community is simple:
Always the best choice to perfectly master your challenge.