About Norma

Norma was founded in 1902 and has a rich history as an ammunition manufacturer. Learn more about the company and its brand heritage and take part in an exciting factory tour to see how the ammunition is made.

Welcome to the world of Norma! We bring you a world of continuous renewal, dedication, passion and excitement! Starting out in a small town in Sweden 120 years ago, Norma is now enjoying the trust of the hunting and shooting community across the globe. Our every action is aimed towards making sure this trust is reinforced when you use one of our products.

Our Scandinavian heritage

Our head office and production is in Åmotfors, Värmland, 400 km west of Stockholm, approximately 270 km north of Gothenburg and 130 km east of Oslo. We are 240 employees and manufacture about 30 million cartridges in over 100 different calibers for hunting and target shooting. The game density is exceptionally high and hunting and fishing are an integral part of Swedish culture. Hunters are passionate, confident and widely accepted. They are known for their professional and ethical behavior, as well as accurate shooting, a dedication that results in healthy wildlife populations. The ideas and expertise of Swedish hunters have grown to what Norma represents today: it is one of the leading manufacturers of superior ammunition – highly respected all over the world.

Norma - Always the Best Choice to Master Your Next Challenge

We at Norma relentlessly dedicate our full passion to meet the spoken and unspoken needs of ambitious hunters and shooters worldwide. We are continuously committed to setting new benchmarks aiming at fulfilling our customers‘exciting dreams and helping you accomplish your constantly changing missions most successfully. We go the extra mile with and for you. Every day – since 1902.

Here at Norma, we are passionate hunters, shooters and reloaders, with numerous Olympic, World, and European championship medals proving that we know what we speak about. We understand how it feels like when your heart is pounding, the palm of your hand is getting sweaty, the target is in scope and you pull the trigger. We also understand the thorough and obsessive preparations required to hit the target predictably every time, make the perfect shot and beat records over and over again. This is why you can rely on our empathy, expertise and, hence, extraordinarily high quality. Always.

Our deliverable to the worldwide hunting and shooting community is simple: Always the best choice to perfectly master your challenge.

Norma Precision is proud member of Beretta Holding.

How ammunition is made – Norma factory tour

Let us invite you to an exciting tour of the Norma factory! In this unique film we show the complete production process of a rifle cartridge. As never seen before, you can now follow 120 years of manufacturing experience from a crude brass cup to a finished premium product that promises outstanding performance, shot after shot. Get an inside look of where craftsmanship meets modern technology − in a world of finely tuned production processes that has been developed here in Åmotfors, Sweden since 1902.

Welcome to the world of Norma!

COMPETITION - Win a unique Field to Plate contract

Are you a hunter but also a chef? Or a hunter that loves to cook? Now you have the chance to win a unique contract for our concept “From Field to Plate” where you will share your best recipes and thus become part of NORMA. We are looking for new hobby chefs who are passionate about creating their own recipes with game meat as the main ingredient.

Now it's up to you

For 120 years, Norma has been the microbrewery of the ammunition industry. Find out more about our new concept here

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Norma's history- then and today

Read about Norma's history from when it all started in 1902 to where we are today - one of the world's leading ammunition manufacturer.