Competition: Become a Field to Plate chef

Are you a hunter but also a chef? Or a hunter that loves to cook? Now you have the chance to win a unique contract for our concept “From Field to Plate” where you will share your best recipes and thus become part of NORMA. We are looking for new hobby chefs who are passionate about creating their own recipes with game meat as the main ingredient.

At NORMA, we think that hunting is so much more than just the hunting opportunity itself. For us it’s a process from the choice of the right ammunition, the correct shot placement, the meat handling of the game and last, the cooking itself. As a step in this process, we have developed the concept “From Field to Plate”.

The idea with Field to Plate is that we at NORMA want to take our responsibility in the meat handling process by providing hunters with recipes as inspiration on how to cook game meat. We collaborate with chefs and ambassadors who share our values in handling the game and they provides us with recipes and tips. We are now looking for new chefs who wants to create a recipe bank together with us, with game meat as the main ingredient.

As a chef in Field to Plate you are not only inspiring others to cook more game, you will also become a part of NORMA where your content will be published on our website and in all our digital marketing channels.

At NORMA, we want to highlight game chefs, make people understand the meaning and responsibility that comes with a shot animal, and above all, we want to give you fantastic recipes.

So what are you competing about?

First prize:
A unique contract as a Field to plate-ambassador for NORMA. The ambassadorship includes ammunition and merchandise. Your content will be published on our website and in social media.

Second prize: 
You get an exclusive merchandise kit and your recipe is published on NORMA’s website and social media.

How do you participate? 

Send your complete recipe to

Your recipe should include the following parts:

  • Small story about the hunt where the animal was shot (eg circumstances during the hunt, what caliber/bullet used)
  • List of ingredients
  • The cooking process in text
  • Pictures from the cooking (start to ready dish)
  • NOTE! The recipe must be written in English or Swedish.


  • If there are pictures from the hunt and/or a short film clip from the hunt/cooking, we are happy if you will share them with us too.
  • If you have an Instagram account with food and recipes – tag #normafieldtoplate so that we can see all your inspirational recipes.

Successful recipes for winning:

  • You place great emphasis on your own responsibility when hunting – From Field to Plate
  • You master simple photography (mobile pictures are ok but the quality should be the same as a ”real” camera)
  • You are good at expressing yourself in written text, preferably in English.

Here's an example on one of our Field to Plate recipes. 

Good luck!