It's time for a new hunting season

A new hunting season is upon us and it is high time to prepare for what is to come. Here at NORMA we have compiled some good tips for you.

It's time for a new hunting season

A new hunting season is upon us and it is high time to prepare for what is to come. Here at NORMA we have compiled some good tips for you.

Shooting practice

Have you not used your hunting weapon for a long time? Then it's time to take it out to check assembly, screws, silencers and so on. Or have you updated your weapon with a new scope? Shooting practice engages many and provides valuable training for the hunt that will soon be back. Here, there are certainly many opportunities to make new contacts with other hunters and perhaps also the occasional new member.

What does the game supply look like?

What does the game tribe look like where you will hunt this year? How has the shooting looked like in previous years? Could the growing population of predators have a major impact on your game population? "Hunting with the camera" in the off-season can be an excellent opportunity to take inventory of your lands, but of course also tracking cameras on game trails, salt flats and feedlots. As hunters, we have a responsibility to maintain a healthy population of the game that can be hunted, and even if game inventory is done nationally, the first step is to have a good idea locally.

What should your hunting season look like?

Please think about it well before the start of the season; how do you want your hunting season to look like? If you currently do not own any land of your own, or have not yet managed to get a place in a hunting team, it may be good to contact loved ones, hunting organizers or forestry companies in the market that offer short-term hunts on various hunting grounds in good time. The possibilities of finding hunting grounds are greater than you might think. That said, prices and quality can vary greatly, but today there are actually varieties that should suit most people's wallets and tastes.

Current authorization and documentation

Do you have your weapon license in order? Have you paid in your state hunting license? 

Gun care

How often do you need to do gun care? The answer is that it depends entirely on how much you use your gun and what your requirements are for accuracy, as well as how well you want to take care of your gun. The best thing to do is to do weapon maintenance after each use.

Review clothes and shoes

Hunting in August usually means that the long underpants can be left at home in the dresser drawer, but it depends a little on how you conduct your hunt. If you sneak around, you'll stay warm, but if you sit still, the morning fog can be just as chilly. Therefore, take this opportunity to review all your clothes for the season; everything from long underpants to thermal garments and shell garments. Is everything in good condition – and does it still fit? Shoes are really worth their own article, but worth mentioning is that if you use leather boots, there are processes of oiling and waxing that you should do X number of times per season, depending on use. If you have membrane boots, it is of course more difficult to check the status of them, but tying them on and taking a long walk in the rain can be a good idea before the hunting season starts.

Radio and other technical equipment

The technical equipment of ordinary hunters can vary, but the standard is a hunting radio, dog GPS and power banks. They all require maintenance charging during low season. If you've been good at it, you probably don't have anything to be upset about, if not, it's time to start charging your gadgets and testing them.