Norma Silencer Series

Optimized for silencers and short barrels

Don’t miss out on speed and effect when using your silencer, Norma introduces new silencer optimized ammunition for 2020.


  • Our new Norma Silencer Series is optimized for barrel lengths of 50 cm (20 inch) and it is loaded with our standard ORYX bullet.
  • Substantially increased velocity and effect compared to standard ammunition in short barrels
  • A reduced muzzle flash
  • Lower muzzle pressure extends lifetime of silencer


As the use of silencers increase in popularity, we see more and more short barrels on the market. But what few people know is that a shorter barrel drastically reduces the effect and precision of the ammunition used. Standard rifle ammunition today is optimized for barrel lengths of 60 cm while many barrels today only measure around 50 cm. In reality this means that the difference in length makes it impossible for the load to fully burn out before the bullet leaves the muzzle, dramatically shortening the life of the silencer and reducing the effect of the ammunition.


Silencer Series Informercial

Flame Comparison


Performance comparison

Standard ammo tested in 610mm / 24 inch barrel. Silencer tested in 500mm / 19,7 inch barrel.

.30-06 Springfield

Standard 30-06 Standard 30-06 short barrel Silencer 30-06
823 m/s 778 m/s 815 m/s
2700 fps 2552 fps 2675 fps


.308 Winchester

Standard 308 Win. Standard 308 Win. short barrel
Silencer 308 Win.
830 m/s 795 m/s 815 m/s
2729 fps 2608 fps 2675 fps