NORMA Xtreme LR 22™

Norma Xtreme LR 22™

Long range accuracy in patented bullet

Our rimfire cartridges are made for perfect performance in every category. With the NORMA Xtreme LR-22 cartridge, we take rimfire long-range precision to a new level.

The patented bullet design features an elongated bullet tip for improved aerodynamics and a world’s first rocket tail. The streamlined base causes less negative pressure at the tail, which is the main reason for the deceleration of a projectile. As a result, the projectile maintains speed over longer distances and produces an unmatched accuracy round after round.

In combination with a higher velocity, the bullet has a flat and stable trajectory, which makes it the perfect choice for long range target shooting. In addition, the increased weight of the bullet also leads to a lower crosswind sensitivity. Due to these improved flight characteristics, the cartridge sets a new standard of precision at distances beyond 300 yards.


  • Patented bullet design with elongated tip and rocket tail makes perfect for long-range shooting.
  • Streamlined and heavier bullet for stable and flat trajectory.
  • High velocity cartridge for shooting beyond 300 yards.

Bullet features 


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