Norma TIPSTRIKE 7x65 R 10.4g

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7 x 65 R

In all kinds of break-open guns a rimmed cartridge is preferable in order to get a positive extraction under all conditions. For this reason the 7x65R was constructed by Wilhelm Brenneke in 1920 - three years after the introduction of the 7x64. Unlike its cousin the 8x65R which never really caught on the 7x65R is a very popular choice of cartridge for the double rifles and combination guns which are in common use all over Central Europe. Being far more powerful than the hitherto most popular 7x57R the 7x65R has largely taken over the position of the latter, and is eating its way in on the 8x57JRS.

Due to the much weaker construction of break-open guns as compared to bolt action rifles, the working pressure of the 7x65R is limited to 43.500 psi (3000 bars) This, however, still is a comparatively high pressure for a rimmed cartridge - typically over 10% higher than 7x57R and similar cartridges. In return you can get almost the same performance as from a 7x64, and accordingly the 7x65R is adequate for the same range of animals.

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