NORMA Ambassador Portrait - Meet long range shooter Marcus Tengvall

Let's welcome NORMA-Ambassador Marcus Tengvall. Shooting has been close to Marcus’s heart since his military service, and now his goal is set on the World Championships in long-range shooting in 2024, together with daughter Ida.

Meet Marcus Tengvall - NORMA Ambassador and Long Range Shooter

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Marcus Tengvall, Ida's father. I live with my amazing wife Helena and a large family in Falun. The interest in shooting and hunting has existed since childhood but never really took off until around 2005. I have shot several shooting disciplines for many years, but got hooked on precision rifle as it is incredibly challenging and complex. I am passionate about getting more young people, especially girls, to try this form of shooting and hope to eventually spread this sport to young people. On weekdays, I work as a police officer in Falun.

When did you hear about NORMA for the first time?

My first contact with Norma's products was in the early 2000s when I took my hunter's license. Since then I have more or less used products from Norma as it has been easy to get hold of and Norma's products are reliable and have worked extremely well.

How do you prepare for a new season?

Before a competition season, I prepare by making sure I have a gun/barrel that is sigthed in. I also work a lot on load development to get a load that works optimally for my rifle. Low-intensity training is conducted during the winter to maintain the feel of handling the weapon. We also have smaller club competitions in winter to maintain the sense of competition. Physical training is a must in order to cope with the competitions and not to injure myself, so I work out several times a week all year round.

How do you structure your training?

I try to structure my training by preparing concrete exercises together with my daughter Ida and other training companions. I believe in qualitative training with some basic exercises. The best training is to try to participate in as many competitions as possible in order to become as safe as possible in a competition context.

What type of training do you prefer?

The training I like best is the one that happens. Sometimes life gets in the way and it can be difficult to get things done, especially when you have a large family. I try to train once a week during the off-season. A plan for the season's competitions is drawn up so that training can be intensified the closer it gets to the competition season, and then the number of training opportunities is also stepped up.

What equipment do you use and why?

I use a weapon built on the following components. Lock: BAT Machine TR in caliber 6mm Norma BRA. Chassis: Sphur SICS, barrel from Bartlein. Scope: Zero Compromize 5-27x56. I find this equipment to be stable and reliable, which is why I use it. I have chosen the caliber 6 mm Norma BRA to achieve a low recoil while the caliber performs well in this branch of shooting.

What is your favorite NORMA product and why?

My favorite product from Norma is the Diamond Line bullet in 6mm.

What are your goals with your shooting?

The goal for shooting for this season is to develop as a shooter and build on even more experience and knowledge. Another goal is to try to qualify for the World Championships 2024 in Colorado, USA, in the Mil/Leo class.

Since Ida started shooting, it has also felt increasingly important to inspire young people to get involved in the sport and we have aimed to participate in the start-up of youth activities, which has started and feels really fun!