How to succeed with your forest bird hunting

The time for forest bird hunting is here, and hunters can once again enjoy the peace and nature experience that it usually brings. But what should be considered in order to achieve the greatest possible success? We have compiled some tips to help you succeed with this ancient and exciting form of hunting!

How to succeed with your forest bird hunting

Know your rifle

As always, a familiar and zeroed rifle is important, absolutely a must. The distances are sometimes long and if you need to compensate a little, you need to know your weapon.

Invest in good optics – and a rangefinder

If you want to shoot a lot of birds, it is a good idea to invest in really good optics. Clear lenses and the possibility of magnification can definitely be the icing on the cake during a forest bird hunt.

Camouflage yourself

The birds' good vision is a challenge, but the right camouflage makes it all easier. Now during the fall, it is a good idea to hide your face during a stalk. Another good tip is to try to avoid moving sideways as much as possible, such a movement pattern makes it easier to be detected. Strive to go as straight as possible.

Take it easy – and squeeze the trigger

Squeeze the trigger. Stress is rarely good, not least in these contexts. Be careful – and enjoy the good result!

/ Staffan Johansson, Team Norma