NORMA Ambassador Portrait -meet hunting, fishing and outdoor enthusiasts Stéphane Monette

When it comes to hunting, fishing and outdoor enthusiasts in Eastern Canada, Stéphane Monette's name tops the list of industry influencers. We are proud to present our NORMA Ambassador in Canada.

NORMA Ambassador Portrait -meet hunting, fishing and outdoor enthusiasts Stéphane Monette

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Together with my family, I operate a hunting attractant business. La Ferme Monette has quickly become a leader in the attractant industry, consistently producing quality products for successful deer, moose and bear hunting over the past 30 years. The company serves more than 300 hunting boutiques across America. To develop and innovate in the family business, I work to learn, explore and understand the field habits of Canada's big game, which has earned me a strong reputation as Canada's hunting reference for deer and moose. In over 20 years, I have given more than 600 conferences on big game, written 3 books, and produced more than 500 special programs on hunting techniques. And made over 1250 webcasts to educate Canadian hunters. In 2018, the Beretta /Stoeger Canada group took me on as an ambassador and promoted the Beretta family products through my media. This affiliation will push me even further into the technicalities of weapons and ammunition. Today, I am proud to be part of the NORMA team, for the professionalism of the team and above all for the quality of NORMA ammunition.

When did you first hear about NORMA?

I know NORMA well, in the 80s NORMA had made an impressive breakthrough in hunting and fishing stores. For me, NORMA has been synonymous with quality ever since.

Where does your interest in hunting come from?

For us, hunting is family. My dad introduced me to the pleasure of the hunt, everything from hunting moose, deer and geese. Hunting is a way of living for us.

What is your favorite caliber?

Depending on the species, I adjust to the caliber needed, but I have a special appreciation for the 300 win mag. I like a caliber with very good carry and the striking power needed to harvest well. A Canadian hunting proverb says that it's better to have 3 quarters of game in the cold room than 4 quarters of game running around in the forest.

What is your favorite NORMA product and why?

Of all the ammunition I've tried from NORMA, Tipstrike offers me the best for my hunting. Precision and punch for a quick harvest.

Tell us about your greatest hunting memory?

My most memorable hunts are the ones I do with my family. Whether it's a moose or a duck hunt. The pleasure of sharing a family hunt is always very memorable. But the traditional white-tailed deer hunt in November is a great tradition for us.

What is your dream hunt?

With over 40 years of experience hunting all over America, the dream hunt that always pushes me to surpass myself is white-tailed deer hunting.

What is your favorite cut of meat from any animal and why is it your favorite?

Having studied as a chef and specialized as a saucier, I like to braise robust pieces of meat such as necks or shoulders in the oven with a sauce adapted to bring out all the flavour of the meat combined with the sauce.

What is the best part of hunting in Canada?

What I like most about hunting in Canada is the vastness of the wilderness to pursue and stalk deer and the cold temperatures in the snow.

What are your goals?

With the opportunities that my profession as a professional hunter has brought me, I now love helping and transferring my knowledge to the next generation, passing on the passion that has driven me for over 40 years in the field.