458 Lott

Wszystkie dostępne naboje w kalibrze 458 Lott firmy Norma.

The 458 Lott was designed by the famous Jack Lott with the intension of creating an improved version of 458 Winchester. The basic premise behind the 458 Lott cartridge was to drive a 510 grain bullet at 2150 fps from a 22 inch barrel at moderate muzzle pressure. Muzzle pressure is a big thing for African Professiona Hunters, as the extreme heat can cause over-pressure situations that lead to catastrophic failure. The original 458 Lott was somewhat smaller in certain cartridge specifications, intended to be used in standard Mauser action rifles, but the modern 458 Lott that was standardized is just a smidge bigger and faster. It was one of the most common wildcat cartridges in African hunting untill it was adopted as a standard cartridge in 1974, prized for its reliable and high levels of performance.