Norma Tipstrike Silencer

Coming this autumn

Our most powerful knock-down bullet
For silencers and short barrels

Designed to stop the animal dead in its tracks, TIPSTRIKE offers extreme knock down power with its thin construction of the bullet jacket and a polymer tip that ensures rapid expansion when hitting the target. To prevent bullet core separation, the jacket is reinforced with a mechanical lead-lock that ensures deadly penetration even when hitting bone or hard muscle tissue. TIPSTRIKE is an outstanding bullet for fast shots and quick moving targets. The perfect choice for driven hunts and tough game. The TIPSTRIKE Silencer cartridge will be launched this autumn, 2021.

Read more about our Tipstrike bullet here

The Tipstrike Silencer cartridge is loaded with our popular Tipstrike bullet in our dark grey cases that also helps you to keep your standard loads and Norma Silencer Series separated when the bullets are the same. The features of the Tipstrike bullet are the same as on our standard ammunition but the load is optimized for shorter barrels, 50 cm instead of CIP standard 61 cm. If you have a shorter barrel than 61 cm, you benefit from shooting Norma Silencer Series even without a silencer/suppressor. With an optimized load, you get greater speed and more effect, closer to your standard ammunition shot in standard 61 cm barrel.

Velocity comparison

Standard 30-06 Standard 308 Win.
850 m/s (2789 fps) 800 m/s (2625 fps)
Standard 30-06
(short barrel)
Standard 308 Win.
(short barrel)
779 m/s (2555 fps) 758 m/s (2486 fps)
Silencer 30-06
(short barrel)
Silencer 308 Win.
(short barrel)
835 m/s (2740 fps) 775 m/s (2543 fps)

Impact energy comparison