Norma Oryx 7 mm Blaser Magnum 10.1g

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7 mm Blaser Mag.

The 7mm Blaser Magnum is an exciting modern development in the popular long-standing 7mm range of ammunition. In cooperation between Norma and Blaser, this modern beltless magnum is designed to offer high performance at lesser gas pressure and improved case life. 7mm Blaser Magnum is a fine cartridge for medium and large game as with other 7mm cartridges.

Norma Oryx

Oryx means good accuracy, massive mushrooming and high residual weight. This bonded design suits the all-round hunter who wishes to simplify the choice of cartridge for hunting. Oryx is available in most calibres from 222 Remington to 375 H&H Magnum. Thanks to its excellent performance, in a very few years Oryx has become the most popular of the Norma bullets.