Swift A-Frame

norma komponenten bullet bottoms

Since 1997, we have been offering the famous Swift A-Frame™ bullet as part of our programme under the designation TXP. For many years we had been considering what to include as a big-game line, and Swift A-Frame™ is the conclusion.

Extensive tests have been carried out, some in the factory and others in the field among hunters. We set very high requirements for performance and accuracy, and the final choice was the Swift A-Frame™. The excellent characteristics of the Swift bullet, especially its deep penetration and very high weight retention, are due to the unique adjustment of the jacket thickness and of the intermediate wall separating the two lead cores. The intermediate wall slows down continued expansion. This, in combination with the fact that the forward lead core is soldered to the jacket, gives the bullet it´s unique capabilities.

The Swift A-Frame™ is intended mainly for very demanding hunting situations where hits in vital organs must be guaranteed even for large animals. Our Swift A-Frame™ is therefore the best choice for hunting African big game.

Loaded in the calibres:
308 Win.
300 Win. Mag.
8x68 S
375 H&H Mag.
416 Rigby
458 Win. Mag