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Norma Alaska 7,62x54 R (Russian) 11.7g

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7.62 Russian

In 1891 Russia adopted this cartridge for use in the Mosin-Nagant bolt action rifle and used it throughout WW II. It was also adopted by other countries where Finland and China are the most well-know user.

These rifles had a larger bore (.309”-.311”) than the standard .308” used in the USA. Most of these rifles are at their best with bullets having a diameter of .310 (8,87mm). However for reloading .308” bullets will work fine in most rifles.

Like the .303 British it is one of the few rimmed military cartridges still in use. The rimmed case, however, can make it troublesome to use this cartridge in modern rifles. Ammunition was loaded by Remington until the late 1950s. All military ammunition uses Berdan primers, but cases for Boxer primers are available from Norma.

The 7,62x53R is in the same class as the .308 Winchester and suitable for the same class of game. It has been used for countless moose in Finland. Like the Winchester cartridge the 7,62x53R Russian does not have the necessary case capacity to propel the heaviest bullets in this caliber.

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Norma Alaska

The Alaska is a classic among Scandinavian moose hunters and is loaded in most common calibres for moose. This is a well-proved softpoint bullet with a soft gilding metal jacket which gives rapid and massive mushrooming.

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