Norma Dedicated Hunting - hunters in reeds in lakescape

Dedicated Hunting


Whether you hunt around the world or around the bend, Norma has an offering made for you. Our lineup is not just made based on our capabilities — it’s dedicated to your needs. We’ve been crafting ammunition for 117 years. More than a century of talking to hunters, learning from hunters and being hunters ourselves means Norma ammunition will deliver. This company started out of a need to feed families and ensure survival — and we haven’t forgotten about our origins.

Hunters are a passionate, diverse group. What one needs in southern Alabama is completely different than a highland hunter traversing Europe’s most rugged peaks. But neither is more or less important. And each brings their perspective to the table. Our Dedicated Hunting lineup features the latest technologies in advanced bullet and ammunition development that you and your fellow outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen need. No matter the caliber, size of game, weather conditions or person pulling the trigger, we know a shot well-placed with Norma is another successful hunt. We stand by our 2019 offerings and standby to hear what you need next.

Our Inserts: Five-modules consisting of 50% wood-fiber

The trays have been made up from modules of five cartridges, so that the hunter can tear off a five-module and put it into a pocket. Knowing that most of the time five rounds are more than needed in a hunting situation, this is certainly a good improvement. To smoothly remove the cartridge from the insert, just press the chest of the case and push it out.


We want to help you protect our product in a practical, and environmentally friendly way. By making our new inserts from 50% renewable raw material, we strive to make our product more environmentally friendly. This also allows our inserts to be used as a good fire starter.