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9,3 x 62

One of the most underrated cartridges in the U.S. is the 9,3x62 - probably due to the fact that the .366” bullet diameter hardly is known here. The cartridge was designed in 1905 by the German gun maker Otto Bock. His aim was to make an all-round big game cartridge for use in the then German colonies in Africa. It has a slightly larger base diameter and case capacity than the .30-06, but can still be used in a standard length action, and thousands of moderately priced rifles has been made in this caliber ever since. For the same reason the 9,3x62 became an instant success. Not only the German colonists but many farmers all over Africa used it for antelopes and many also killed buffalo and even elephant using solids.

In Europe it remains a popular cartridge for hunting driven game like moose and wild boar, and it is still offered in rifles from most makers here. It would be a very good choice for most hunting in the mountainous parts of North America, and if one should choose a rifle caliber for hoofed game all over the world, this is not an a unlikely candidate.

The heavy bullets combined with a bearable recoil makes it a great choice for hunting in the bush. Due to the moderate velocity and the easily controlled expansion it is a great killer on larger game, and usable in a pinch for even the largest species. Handloaders using modern powders and pointed bullets like the 286 grain Nosler Partition will obtain a comparatively flat trajectory which makes the 9,3x62 ample for hunting anything within normal range - up to 250 or even 300 meters, provided that it is zeroed in at 200 meters. Due to the moderate velocity not even the smaller deer species will normally suffer excessive meat damage when shot with a 9,3x62.

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