This series of soap blocks, shows the difference in impact between different Norma bullets. We have chosen the .30-06 caliber, as it is loaded in the widest variety of bullets. The shooting distance at the test was 25 meters.

Norma Oryx, .30-06, 11,7 g / 180 gr

V823 m/s, V100 722 m/s

See description one item below (Norma Oryx 168 gr).


Norma Oryx, .30-06, 10,7 g / 165 gr

V900 m/s, V100 807 m/s

One of the most rapid opening of the bonded core bullets available on the market today, yet still giving deep penetration necessary for poor angle shots. The Oryx is intended for larger game or use at higher velocities.


Norma Vulkan, .30-06, 11,7 g / 180 gr

V823 m/s, V100 730 m/s

An expanding bullet with a protected point preventing deformation in the magazine. This bullet gives a balance of rapid expansion and reasonable penetration favored by many boar hunters.


Norma Plastic Point, .30-06, 11,7 g / 180 gr

V823 m/s, V100 743 m/s

A rapid opening bullet, giving massive expansion and maximum initial trauma to ensure a rapid knock down effect on the animal.


Norma Alaska, .30-06, 11,7 g / 180 gr

V823 m/s, V100 710 m/s

A traditional design that gives not only superb accuracy, but also reliable expansion and penetration at moderate velocities. This bullet is not designed for use in high velocity magnum cartridges, but gives dependable performance from all of the ‘standard’ cartridges.


Norma Kalahari, .30-06, 9,7 g / 150 gr

V910 m/s, V100 808 m/s

Deep penetration combined with devastating initial trauma are the main characteristics of the Kalahari bullet. Safe and reliable to use even on large game from poor angles it provides the rapid knock down. The relatively large hollow point ensures that there are no ‘failures to expand’.