Norma Invitational

Moose Hunt

A yearly tradition

The Norma Invitational Moose Hunt has been a yearly tradition in the deepest forests of Värmland, Sweden. Not far from where our factory in Åmotfors is located, we invite participants on a yearly hunting event that includes a factory tour, meeting the expert ammunition makers, trying out the latest in innovative ammunition technology and of course a traditional Swedish moose hunt.

norma invitational

We invite you to follow along

You can follow the action from your phone and experience some behind-the-scenes views of the Norma factory and what it is like to participate at a traditional Swedish moose hunt. Here are some usefull links to follow:


The Norma Hunting Instagram account

We will continuously post happenings from the Norma Invitational and re-post the participant's experiences at the hunt to our @NormaHunting instagram account.

Another option is to follow the hashtag #normainvitational where the participants will share their favourite moments from the day's action.

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