When the ambition is to produce components of top quality and cartridges with top precision, the starting point has to be that all raw material used and all the steps in the production are also of top quality.

To achieve this, it is absolutely necessary to carefully inspect raw material, tools and all steps of the production process, up until the completed cartridge. LAST BUT NOT LEAST... OUR STAFF!

Without skilled and capable people, the most modern and sophisticated machine and inspection instrument cannot produce quality cartridges. For you and for Norma, it is the combination of the person, the machine and the measuring instrument that is the most important guarantee of cartridges of the finest quality.


The most important factor in the case production is quality control.  From start to finished case, there are continuous inspections, 15-20 measurements in total, depending on the case. Of finished cases, five of each 300 cases are taken out for inspection. In addition to this, a final inspection is made where the cases are put through a measuring device and visually inspected.


The production of precision bullets requires tools with high precision in order for all bullets to turn out the same. To achieve top precision, the smallest possible deviations in balance, jacket wall-thickness, diameter, weight and length are crucial to the results. Therefore, it is important to both perform a careful inspection of the jacket production and the final inspection of the bullet. The final proof of good precision will come at the test shooting. All bullet batches are test shot for precision. Hunting bullets are also expansion tested.


Cases and bullets of top quality are the starting point for loading of Norma cartridges, and the loading process itself will ensure that the finished product is also of top quality – Norma’s hunting and shooting cartridges.

It is important that a bullet has the right extraction force and that the primer is correctly placed in the primer pocket. The cartridge must be loaded with powder that is optimal for the caliber, the case volume and the bullet weight, in order to achieve the desired muzzle velocity and the best precision that the cartridge can perform. To find the best powder, all powder batches are tested for velocity and pressure. The maximum operating pressure should also be correct in relation to the CIP standards.


With each new charge, the respective cartridges are fired into their correct velocity and are precision inspected before manufacturing can start. Then tests are run several times per day and pressure, velocity and precision are measured.

All new powders and batches of powder are tested in the same way. Cartridges from the production are regularly taken out for test shooting, to ensure the same good quality from the first to the last cartridge in the series.


Most raw materials that arrive at Norma are first sent to the receiving inspection in the lab, while some products are examined in other departments. In the lab, there are also inspections made against the production departments. In the cartridge case department, the machine setter, with the help of the lab, determines when the right criteria have been reached in order to start up a new production run. The hardness, material structure and measurements of the cases are also checked throughout all processes.


All tools for the production are manufactured at Norma by Norma’s own toolmakers and all tools are inspected according to fixed routines. We measure all production tools with a measuring device that has an accuracy of up 1/10000 mm, and which in turn is regularly calibrated. In Norma’s production there are much as 2517 measuring instruments used – all are inspected and calibrated at fixed intervals.