Norma Precision is so much more than a producer of high quality ammunition. The facility has been responsible for key elements of progress in hunting and target shooting cartridges for more than half a century.

Norma's Conference Room

The conference room meeting spaces and exhibitions are open for Norma's customers and employees. When you come in here you share our history and our future.

Along one wall is the unique board that displays all products and calibers since the early 1900s. Here it is possible to study the accuracy that creates Norma Precision, the small details that make the big difference.

Norma's Hall of Fame

Our Hall of Fame portrays people whose efforts have played a major role in Norma, and who in many cases have also played a major role in the civilian ammunition market.

The conference room has been visited by many prominent guests, including Prince Carl Philip, who has a great hunting interest. On the walls there is a trophy collection along with an extensive collection of photos, and an exposition of Norma's product catalogue through the years.

"Perhaps the most elegant customer reception existing in Värmlands's business society", the leading regional newspaper wrote about the site after their visit in 2009.